Mission and Values

Cook Medical Mission & Values

We invent, manufacture, and deliver a unique portfolio of medical devices to the healthcare systems of the world. Serving patients is a privilege, and we demand the highest standards of quality, ethics, and service in all that we do.

Our company values

Act with integrity

We use our high ethical standards and core values to guide our decisions and actions.

Demand quality

We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards because we know that everything we do has an impact on someone’s life.

Be transparent

We are honest with each other and share information with the people who are impacted.

Give back

We believe in making our communities stronger by sharing our time, skills, and resources.

Treat everyone with respect

We respect each other and our business partners by being open to different ideas and perspectives and appreciative of each person’s contributions.

Solve problems together

We approach innovation by first listening to understand and then creating a solution.

Continually improve

We learn from data, experience, feedback, and each other to constantly evolve and improve how we work.